How to use this blog

To view  my individual posts, roll your cursor over the subject headers at the top of this page.  A list of posts on each subject will drop down and you can scroll down to click on the post you wish to read.
You may also click on the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right and enter specific terms to find posts relating to those terms.
I do my best to include sources in embedded links, which will open in a new tab when clicked on.

I am Bruce Dunlavy, and welcome to my blog.  My intended audience is the world of curious, open-minded people who are genuinely interested in learning things.  In keeping with this, I do not have a specific blog subject.  We shall roam all over the universe of knowledge, questioning and analyzing both classic ideas and hot-issue topics of the day.

If pressed to define the aim of this blog, I would say that it is threefold (because “there’s always three things”):

1. New perspectives on familiar topics, with an eye toward demonstrating that most issues have more than two sides;
2. Finding commonalities between seemingly unlike things;
3. Scrubbing off the surface of ideas, words, stories, and events in order to get to their origins, their essences, or both.

All written material in the A GOOD MAN TO KNOW blog is copyrighted, subject to fair use protocols.

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